Friday, October 12, 2018

Indented Schedule Tasks in Power BI #Tips

The other day, one of my US colleague asked our internal community for help in displaying project tasks in a table. The tricky part is that he wanted to display the task names indented as Microsoft Project would do. One of my fellow colleague (Jean Lieverman) working on Project Online and Power BI replied with the simplest yet super clever solution. 
I was so excited to see such a clever call that I wanted to share!

Here is the result
As you can see, we have here a nice table with indented tasks based on the outline level of the tasks.

The awesomeness is not necessarily in the visual result but in the way it has been built To get to that result, Jean created a new column (right click on the tasks table and add column) called "Task Padded" with the following formula:
Task Padded = REPT ( "     ", Tasks[TaskOutlineLevel] ) & Tasks[Task Name]

The formula will add as much tabulations as the outline number which references the level of indentation. Use that new column in your matrix or table and you are all set!

I hope that will help some people who might want to achieve the same.
Special Credit to Jean👍
Take care.
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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Guest on Erik Van Hurck Blog about Project User Voice

I've been invited by Erik van Hurck to co-author a post on his blog. Erik has been awarded MVP Project for the first time this year. It is well deserved and the entire MVP community has pushed hard on the MVP program to ensure Erik's application will be closely looked.

If you haven't yet visited Erik's blog, run! You'll find interesting, sharp, well documented articles on technical subjects, books reviews and even a Youtube channel. Erik has also a serie of posts about Project User Voice. I contributed to this last serie after Cindy Lewis and Prasanna Adavi, 2 fellow MVP.

I let you read more about Project User Voice which is an interesting way for final users, consultants, administrators to propose and vote for upcoming features. And Microsoft is actually considering the propositions and some of them have already been developed and deployed on Project Online.

My post is about the backup and restore feature, which has been removed from Project Online versions, but still there for on-premise versions. I explain in the post why it was useful, why it was probably removed from the online version and how would it look like.

Feel free to share, vote, comment, like!

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Renewed as MVP Business Solutions/Project for the 5th time!

Short post, big news! I've been renewed for the 5th time as MVP Project (Business Solutions). You might have noticed that after a year of transition, from now all MVPs will be renewed on July 1st. I do hope this will give me the opportunity to go to the MVP Summit, to finally meet my fellow colleagues I'm talking with since 2014 through email.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

#PVC18 Recordings : Benefits Management in Project Server and Project Online

Hi everyone, I am pretty excited to share with you the recording of my session at the #PVC18. click on the link below to watch the full session. 

  Would you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me via the comment box.

I would like to thank the organisers of the Project Virtual Conference and would like to share with you some sessions I found interesting:

Getting Started with Project Online and Power Apps

Personalized Project Management through Project Online, Bots and Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Project and Planner: how to be agile using microsoft tools

10 Tips for Scheduling Success 

Data Science meets PM: Leveraging Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning for Project Management

How a Digital Transformation changes your Project Portfolio Management approach

A Practical Roadmap for Implementing Resource Management Using Microsoft Project Online

Using Microsoft Project to Manage Risk Reserves, Contingency Plans, and Risk Mitigation

You can find the whole list of recordings here 

Hope you will learn a lot from all the valuable sessions.

See you soon for a new post
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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

#PVC18 - Benefits Management in Project Online and Project Server

Hi All, 

I will be presenting at the Project Virtual Conference.
Register to join me and other great speakers on that 24 Hour conference around Project Management
Timing for my session is below:

Talk to you soon.
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