Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to disable in MS Project Pro the "new tasks are created in ... scheduled mode"

A quick one for this week! More than an article, let's call it a tip. We are all experts that deal with advanced features to answer elaborate customer's business needs. BUT.... The user acceptance is one of the key success factor. And after deploying Project Server since 2006, I've come to the conclusion that a few little tiny details can promote or limit this acceptance.

So what about this very annoying notification each time users (actually including yourself as a Project Server SME) open MS Project Pro?
Figure 1 : new tasks creation mode notification message
I actually lived with this notification with a fatalistic acceptance unless the question was raised and answered on the TechNet Project forum by one of our excellent MVP (Julie Sheets, not to mention any names...).

YES YOU CAN deactivate this notification, god!!

Once MS Project is opened (and after the notification disappears argghh), just right click on section which displays the scheduling mode for the new tasks:
Figure 2: scheduling mode for new tasks

You'll get a menu that proposes various options for customizing the status bar. Just deselect the "new task mode notification":
Figure 3: unselect the "new task mode notification" option in the status bar customization menu

Et voilà!!
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