Thursday, April 2, 2015

Active Directory Tip 1 - Group Timer Job : Be Careful of the Save Button

Hello Everyone,

Today I will treat a strange behavior that causes me headaches.
While doing my Project Server 2013 configuration, I came across the configuration of the Active Directory Resource Pool and Group Synchronization.
I then configured the two timer jobs to execute the Resource Pool synchronization THEN the Group synchronization.
Here was my configuration in the central administration:

Project Web App: Synchronization of AD with the Enterprise Resource Pool job :
Project Web App: Synchronization of AD with security groups job :

But, after some days, I see that the group synchronization timer job changed its starting time to 12:00AM.

I finally found that it's NOT an automatic process which is causing the timer job to change change.

In the below screenshot that is available in the ACTIVE DIRECTORY GROUP SYNC OPTIONS  in the  PWA Server settings, you may be used to manually push the save or the save and synchronize buttons.
Be careful, starting from 2013, if you have the Enable Scheduled Synchronization set , this will RESET your Project Web App: Synchronization of AD with security groups timer job to the following:
This new setting may cause some issues as the group synchronization may start before the resource synchronization (I will explain what type of issue in my next post).

You may now to communicate the impact of the action to all people who have the capability of manually launch a group synchronization.

Hope this helps!

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