Monday, January 4, 2016

PowerBI Now Available on Windows Phones 10

It is my turn to wish all a joyful 2016.
I've been quite quiet for the past year but one of my 2016 wish is to share my knowledge with you all.
One of my point of interest since I moved from Canada to Australia is the great revolution is pushing in data analytics and more especially Power BI

So let's start now!

Just before NYE, The Power BI team announced Power BI for Windows 10 Mobile devices. I was waiting for a while as I have a Windows phone myself. Unfortunately, it is not working on my Nokia Windows 8 phone :(.

You can find the article here from where I extracted some screenshots

As of now, Power BI Application is available for 
  • Windows 10 PC, Tablet and Phone
  • Apple iPhone and iPad
  • Android Phone (4.4+) 

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