Friday, May 9, 2014

Do not open Projects in Edit Mode unexpectedly in Project Server 2013

If you are used to open projects in Project Professional in 2010 by double clicking on a project in the open window, you should know that the project is by default opened in edit mode and though checked-out.
Project Server 2013 is bringing here a nice improvement that I, as administrator, am really happy to welcome.
All Projects in Project Professional are by default opened in read-only mode and can be opened in edit whenever you want.

Then, while opened in Read Only , as for Office in 2010 and 2013, Microsoft introduced the "Notification bar" in Project 2013 allowing you to check-out the file.

I already hear you saying: "What about my modifications made while in read-only?". Don't worry, Project is clever enough to just check-out the project without reloading it. Any modification made in read-only mode are kept while checking out the project file

What if a co-worker changed the project in the meantime? Project will ask you to save you changes.

if you choose yes, it will ask you to find a place to save it before checking-out the file

You will have to pay attention while using the "Recent Projects" opening, by default, it will check-out the file for you!

From PWA the options are still the same : while clicking on the little workplan icon, the project will open in Edit mode to your computer MS Project and clicking the project link will open in Read only in PWA.

If you want to open in another manner, you'll have to select the line (not clicking the project link but next to it, this, I guess you're familiar) and select the proper open option from the rubban

You will never again lock a file without noticing it!
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  1. Does 2010 have this feature?

  2. Hello, Project 2010 has the read-only feature but, unfortunately, the default opening is "Read/Write".
    The news here is that Project 2013 now opens read-only by default and then proposes to check-out the project.