Thursday, May 1, 2014

Project Lite now available!!

Microsoft released today, May 1st, the new Project Lite! This is quite exciting since the licence price for team members goes down from $33 to $7. Even with limited features, it will make the Project Server accessible for small businesses.

"We’re pleased to introduce Project Lite, a new cloud offering that will become available on May 1, 2014. Project Lite is designed specifically for project team members, with features to view/update Tasks, enter Issues/Risks and Timesheets. At just $7 per user/month, instead of the original $33 per user/month with an annual subscription, Project Lite will bring powerful cloud service to even more people and significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership for our customers."

Here are the features available with Project Lite:
  1. Tasks :
    • Create new task/assignment
    • Reassign task
    • Self-assign team tasks
    • View/edit task center
  2. Timesheets :
    • View timesheet
    • Enter hours
    • Add/remove task from timesheet
    • Turn in timesheet
  3. Collaboration :
    • View/update status, issues, risks
    • View/update project documents
    • View project center, schedule, details, summary
    • View approvals
    • View resource assignments
    • Create/modify/delete links between tasks and items in project site

Read more on Microsoft blog here and here!!

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