Thursday, May 12, 2016

Project Online: Microsoft extends the boundaries!

Today I had in my todo list the task to manually deploy a beta package of the portfolio dashboard application on a customer tenant. That could be the topic of a future intersting article: I had to create a app catalog site, which I never did beofre, in order to upload the app. But I stop there, this is not what we are talking about today!

So back in the Sharepoint admin center, I saw something new. Just see by yourself:

Back in times, the first limitations for PWA instances was 3. Not so many... Then a few months later, the Project Online boundaries were extended and we could have up to 7 instances. So it seems like we can have 9,999 PWAs now! 
You'll say "what are you going to do with 9,999 instances??". I agree, but it could be usefull in some cases and I have experienced some. For large companies where it implies to much compromises to rationalize the PWA configuration and to get all the organization into a unique solution, you could need dedicated PWAs per Business Units. Having a test, training and prod instances for each BU, for 10 BUs you get 30 PWAs... 

Still far from 9,999, but I guess the important point here is that MS continues pushing away the cloud-based solutions boundaries. 9,999 almost means no limit at all, and this is a good message delivered to customers and consultants.

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